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Study Timeline

September 1st 2023

Sept 1st 2023 - Aug 31st 2024

Extended to February 28th 2025

ACCESS study launch

Data collected according to declared 2-week snapshot window.

Each European participating centre will select and pre-declare a 2-week snapshot window within the 18-month study period to collect data for all consecutive caesarean deliveries.

Centres can declare their snapshot window once ethical approval is confirmed; translation/validation (where needed) of the case report form (eCRF), and signed data transfer forms (where needed).

The National Coordinator will oversee data collection for their country. The Lead Investigator for each centre will supervise eCRF completion during the declared 2-week snapshot window, ensuring retrieval and data reporting for all caesarean deliveries for all mandatory domains.

Blinded de-identified data will be inserted into the universal data entry system by the Lead Investigator. The Lead Investigator ensures full date capture during the study period. 

February 28th 2025

Data collection periods close.

Data cleaning per centre after collection.

Data analysis starts. 

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